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Elohim NycaLove was born on October 13th, 2010, in Burbank California. He is currently living and working in both Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA. 


Elohim has been acting for four years, getting his start in theatre, at the Alliance Theatre, in Atlanta, and "acting for the camera" classes with director Troy Rowland, in Los Angeles. 


In the past year, Elohim has been auditioning for T.V. and film projects and he has been in five short films within this time frame. "An American Childhood" and "They" have been seen at various film festivals and Elohim recently completed the BET Her movie, "Her Only Choice."  He  is  currently working on a feature film and continues to study improvisation and acting for the camera at the John D'Aquino Acting School and privately with Lilach Mendelovich from Acting Pros and with director, Troy Rowland. 


Although acting and voice - over work is Elohim's main passion, he also enjoys gymnastics, dancing, singing, and parkour.  He recently performed a stunt with a stunt coordinator on the latest feature film that he booked. This was a dream come true for Elohim. He is determined to continue working hard at practicing his stunts at home and during his parkour and gymnastic classes so that he can continue to utilize stunts, in his work as an actor. 


In his free time, Elohim loves skateboarding, riding his bike, watching movies, playing with his toys for hours, traveling, meeting new friends, rock climbing/bouldering and hiking. He loves spending time with his four siblings and his parents and grandparents.  His curiosity and his creativity drives his enthusiasm for everything and everyone around him.  


Elohim loves being on set and watching and participating in the movie magic that takes place in film making.  His future goal is to write and direct his own movies from his vivid imagination.  




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